North Shore Cemetery Association

The North Shore Cemetery Association  is a non-profit group organized for the purpose of preserving the graveyards and general history of the Fontana Basin.  Organized in 1977, with an immediate aim to gain general access to the cemeteries of the North Shore in conformity of the contractual agreements that formulated in 1943 between Federal, State and County Agencies.  Another aim of the Association was the planning of decorations for the cemeteries along the North Shore of Fontana Lake as were held in the area before 1943 and the removal of families.  It was and is made up of former residents and their descendants who lived in this area and whose land was taken for the building of the Fontana Dam and Basin area.


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Schedule of Cemetery Decorations

As of February 2021, we do not have a schedule for Decorations this year. We are waiting to hear from the Park if they will be able to take us or not across due to Covid Restrictions. Just keep watching, as soon as we know, we will post information.